Beachside bliss, trance parties, sizzling nightlife, and gourmet temptations—Goa is all these and so much more! A kaleidoscopic destination, Goa is a punch of flavors that packs in fun, frivolousness, culture, heritage, and even a sublime dose of spirituality. The buzzing place celebrates the idea of a carefree life like no other destination in India. At the same time, it tantalizes you to soak in the splendors of Portuguese colonial ancestry that is laced with a dip in Indian culture. Such is the exotic beauty of Goa! This sand-based party destination is a spectacular package of numerous known and lesser-known attractions. How about treating yourself to a trail of some of the most enticing treasures of Goa that deserve to be on your must-visit list? Interested, are you? Then fasten your seatbelts, and here you go!

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